SPECIES (1995) Rated R

SPECIES (1995)

Rated: R

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Dougie: Taking unknown alien DNA and growing out of it sounds like a bad idea to me.

Alien: I don’t know about that. The results looked good to me.

Dougie: You like any movie with naked women in it.

Alien: Especially alien women.

Dougie: Pervert.

Alien: I didn’t see you fast forward past the naughty bits.

Dougie: The whole premise seemed kind of sexist to me.

Alien: You mean sexy.

Dougie: Sexist. An alien woman whose only mission in life is to breed with any ugly guy willing to give it up on the first date.

Alien: So, any human male, basically.

Dougie: Yeah. And apparently she can produce a ton of offspring. I’ve never met a single woman willing to give birth that many times.

Alien: What about Octomom?

Dougie: That would have been a good name for this movie.

Alien: It wasn’t all bad. There was boobies and that actor you like, the one with the broken eye.

Dougie: Forest Whitaker.

Alien: Yep, the “psychic”. I wonder if he “saw” himself having such a successful career after this movie?

Dougie: I doubt it. Speaking of careers. Can you believe they knighted Ben Kingsley after this was released?

Alien: Maybe the Queen likes boobies.

Dougie: I don’t think that’s it. She could be a fan of H.R. Giger, like me.

Alien: The artist who designed the bugs from the Alien movies?

Dougie: That’s the one.

Alien: I think H.R. Giger likes boobies too.

Dougie: One track mind. Let’s rate this boobie.

Alien: You mean, movie.


Alien: !!!!    Dougie: !!

Fifty Shades of Alien #2 (PG13)


Alien & Dougie discuss sexism with a couple of ladies after watching the Zombie Girl movie. Is this where the interstellar war of the sexes begins?