Alien & Dougie meet The Dust Piggies


Alien and Dougie are invited to a party with the Dust Piggies. There seems to be a slight misunderstanding of the theme after a pair of social media monsters threaten our new little friends with their toxic extortion algorithms.

Dust Piggies is the filthy bastard brainchild of Mike Bromage. These nasty and sometimes sweet little hamsters have been up to no good for the last seven years. I’ve only discovered how much I enjoy them over the last year. Why not check them out before they’re gone?

Dust Piggies’ website:



Summer’s End (G)

Alien&Dougie#6_2Alien&Dougie#6_1To mourn the end of Summer and celebrate the beginning of the school year, Alien and Dougie give you a special Theme Park themed coloring page. You can print it out for your kids or for yourself. Color it in and scan it, then send it over to or post it on Twitter with a mention to @TheAlienComic and we’ll post it on our Facebook page