Alien & Dougie meet The Dust Piggies


Alien and Dougie are invited to a party with the Dust Piggies. There seems to be a slight misunderstanding of the theme after a pair of social media monsters threaten our new little friends with their toxic extortion algorithms.

Dust Piggies is the filthy bastard brainchild of Mike Bromage. These nasty and sometimes sweet little hamsters have been up to no good for the last seven years. I’ve only discovered how much I enjoy them over the last year. Why not check them out before they’re gone?

Dust Piggies’ website:




Dark Matters (PG)


To celebrate Alien & Dougie‘s first Toronto Comicon and the first panel (featuring the cast of the Dark Matter, tv show) they’ve ever watched, this page commemorates some of the fun. We spoke to the cast of the show at a signing and they were all great folks — might even be some new fans. We also met with Gerhard (Cerebus), Toronto based illustrator Marvin Law, and got a signed poster from John Beatty. Not to mention a whole bunch of other great comic folks. We’ll definitely be attending again next year.

Cosplay Confusion #2 (G)


Don’t you hate it when you go to all that work on a costume… and no one has a clue who you are suppose to be?

This Alien & Dougie comic appears in all ink today to celebrate #Inktober. All through the month of October artists the world over are exercising their inking skills with various theme day challenges. This page was a Sunday draw what you like challenge. Well, I like The Alien Comic and I wanted to share it with you folks. Why not join the #Inktober challenge yourself?

Matt Worthington III, Cosplay Confusion (G)

Alien&Dougie#17Abandoning his family mansion, Matt Worthington III exiled himself to Hell’s Kitchen where he worked his way up from the bottom to become the DA (District Attorney). Tired of fighting crime in the shadows while hiding his wings in expensive suits while in court, he unveils himself at a convention’s cosplay contest, much to the confusion of Alien & Dougie (the judges), who can’t decide if he’s suppose to be Daredevil or Archangel/Angel.

*The Alien Comic is considering hosting a cosplay contest in honor of Halloween — the bestest of best holidays! If enough interest is generated from you folks, then we’ll announce official rules for entry and come up with a nice set of prizes. Comment to this post or tweet on Twitter to @TheAlienComic if you’d be interested in entering. Once 12-24 people express a desire to participate then we’ll start getting this baby rolling.