Matt Worthington III, Cosplay Confusion (G)

Alien&Dougie#17Abandoning his family mansion, Matt Worthington III exiled himself to Hell’s Kitchen where he worked his way up from the bottom to become the DA (District Attorney). Tired of fighting crime in the shadows while hiding his wings in expensive suits while in court, he unveils himself at a convention’s cosplay contest, much to the confusion of Alien & Dougie (the judges), who can’t decide if he’s suppose to be Daredevil or Archangel/Angel.

*The Alien Comic is considering hosting a cosplay contest in honor of Halloween — the bestest of best holidays! If enough interest is generated from you folks, then we’ll announce official rules for entry and come up with a nice set of prizes. Comment to this post or tweet on Twitter to @TheAlienComic if you’d be interested in entering. Once 12-24 people express a desire to participate then we’ll start getting this baby rolling.