Bad Idea Pt.2 (PG)

Alien&Dougie-3~3 Even after a few hours thought bad ideas can seem good.

The Alienness (PG)

The moment I first saw The Darkness comic I knew I’d found a series I had to read. I bought a PlayStation 3 just because I wanted to play the video game. So, naturally, the first character mash-up I ever did would be The Darkness and The Angelus. I imagined what would happen if the two arch-enemies fell in love and had a child. I named him Jobe.

I’m sure Alien and Dougie would get up to all kinds of mischief with their new friend. And as a bonus I’ve added the inked page so you can have fun colouring it too! Send your finished colouring pages to and I’ll post them on our Facebook page! Stop by, give us a Like & Share please. Remember free webcomics thrive on your free support. Thanks for reading!


Alien Egg Hunt (PG)


Happy Easter! from The Alien Comic. We believe the comic is late due to a face-hugger getting up close and personal with the Easter Bunny — who was actually suppose to deliver this heartfelt message on Sunday. We hope you all had a great weekend, whether you celebrate egg-laying bunnies or not.