Orlando:The Whole World Loses (G)

Alien&Dougie~3 Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those lost in the Orlando nightclub shootings. We are all one community and your loss is the world’s loss. You are not alone.

The Alien & The Fly (PG13)

Alien&Dougie-4~3 It’s that time of year again. When the fruit flies sneak in through open doors and cracked windows just to crap all over your food. But this little bugger can’t sneak past Alien — he speaks fluent fly.

The Dirty Suit Question (G)


Alien & Dougie are not the only ones who have wondered about that question, are they? I mean, Supes and Spidey carry around their suits all day, but I can’t remember there being an issue of the comics where they spent time on laundry. They wear their suits like long underwear. It’s got to stink, right? How did they ever keep hot girlfriends like Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson?

When Alien Met Dougie #1 (G)

Alien&Dougie#2The first time Dougie met Alien, he knew there was something different about this guy. All Alien wanted was to fit in — wear the same clothes as everyone else, talk like everyone else, and be accepted for the real “him” like everyone else.

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