Profile: Dougie (PG)


Dougie Masterson

Age: 18
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue (but wears sunglasses all the time)
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 155 lbs
Planet: Earth
Bio: Dougie is the only child of Debra and George Masterson. The family home is located in Oshawa, Ontario. Dougie is taking time off of school before he decides on going to college or not. He works at a clothing store in Toronto called, Alien Clothing Co. His job is part-time and during his time off he works on art. He’s hoping to eventually become a comic book artist or freelance illustrator.

As a small child, Dougie was diagnosed with severe migraines caused by Photophobia (Light-sensitivity) due in part to his blue eyes. This resulted in his being prescribed specialty sunglasses he is required to wear at all times. Even with the prescription sunglasses Dougie sometimes gets a severe migraine attack. Which means he doesn’t always have patience for the crap Alien pulls.

He wears headphones all the time because he likes listening to a lot of music instead of the stupid things people say. Please don’t tell his boss though. Mr. Parvatti thinks Dougie wears them as ear protection for another medical condition. Dougie is pretty sure he was hired because Mr. Parvatti thought giving him the job would fill a disabled employee quota. Dougie is cool with that.

He’s really only working to buy a car anyways. He has been saving a little from his paycheck since he was sixteen. The balance of his savings account is $23,541. It’s a rare custom Shelby Cobra. There’s only five of them in the world. It might take a while.

Before Alien showed up in Dougie’s life, he had a girlfriend named, Candi-Sue. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was the heiress to a rather large confection empire. Dougie and Candi-Sue broke up after her parents divorced and her father suggested (insisted) they get a pre-nuptial agreement just to continue dating. They broke up and Dougie returned all of the stuff she’d bought him (except the gray toque and the custom headphones, which were fitted to his head). But they still hook up when she comes back from spending the summer in Monaco with her mother. Besides, Alien tends to take up all the attention when he’s around.

Dougie sometimes wonders why he didn’t freak out the first time he met Alien. After serious thought, he’s come to this conclusion: He’s Canadian and weird people gets pretty normal quick up here. All the American television he watches and the tabloids he reads comes a close second.

Everybody else thinks Alien is one of those very dedicated cosplay artists you see walking the streets, like the guy who dresses in a Star Wars Snow Trooper suit when it’s a heat advisory day. Or Toronto’s Batman. Dougie knew what Alien was right away. What he didn’t know was how legendary their friendship would become.

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