Profile: Alien (PG)


Alien (aka Nixquamlictus)

Age: 118yrs
Eyes: Black (perfect night-vision)
Hair: Bald but has two antennae
Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: 169 lbs
Planet: Quam (third moon orbiting planet Xinxes)

Bio: An exiled prince from, Xinxes, a planet in the Gray system. Forced to leave his planet after the assassination of his parents, the benevolent King Quamlictus and Queen Everly, by General Meinstuf, leader of the military faction.

Out of curiosity, Alien dropped by Earth on his way to a much cooler planet. He’d been here about a half-century earlier, during a UFO driving test that went off course, and hadn’t thought to visit since he’d crashed in Roswell, NM. Which is a different and interesting story in itself.

Alien’s planet, Xinxes, is the fourth planet of a red dwarf system. His family ruled from the royal seat on the third moon, Quam, named after the monarchy itself. Xinxes is tidally locked to the red dwarf, which the people of Xinxes call “Son” in their language. Their ancient religion considers the empty space between the planets in their solar system, “Mother”, and the planets themselves as the children of the Son. Quam is in tidal lock with Xinxes. One side of Xinxes experiences constant day while the other side is in constant night. As a result the planet’s dominant lifeforms evolved into two different species, the Grays (night) and the Greens (day). Alien is a Gray. The General responsible for his exile and the murder of his family, Meinstuf, is a Green.

Gray’s evolved a superior intelligence, quickly building great cities and were first to develop space travel vessels, which allowed them to colonize the moons around Xinxes. The Greens, living in the constant blazing sun grew a thick armor plating on their skin that helps to regulate their temperatures. They excelled in all manner of warfare. In the early part of both civilizations there was world-wide war between the two species (this was pre-space flight technology). The war ended when Xinxes was invaded by the Durgan – a species from a planet in the Tau Ceti system. From Earth’s perspective Tau Ceti is in front of the Gray system, blocking it from our view for at least the next two billion years. By our concept of time this war with the invaders ended five-thousand years ago, during the lifetime of Alien’s great-grandfather, Quamlic.

The Durgans wanted to colonize the moons of Xinxes after destroying the majority of their own resources and were far more advanced than both the Grays and the Greens. However, they realized that the Grays would be capable of space travel within a hundred years and decided the two warring species of Xinxes would be easy pickings. Unexpectedly, the Grays and Greens decided on putting aside differences and joined forces. The resulting war with the Durgans was incredibly short by Xinxes standards – the Grays and Greens had been waging war with each other for over fifty-thousand years – so it’s understandable that twenty-five years would seem like a weekend in Vegas to the inhabitants of Xinxes. Despite their far greater levels of technology, the Durgans lost because they under-estimated the Grays’ abilities to reverse engineer technology and the Greens’ sheer force of strength and numbers. Soon the Grays were putting the Durgans’ weapons into the hands of Greens, a species that could lay a hundred eggs each in a year and grow to adulthood in the same length of time. The Durgans’ own spacecraft were flown in attacks against them by Gray pilots.

After the war with the Durgans, the Grays and Greens signed a peace treaty and formed a united government. Due to the gap in intelligence between the two species, the Grays ended up in all of the positions of power. Building up an armada of spaceships based on Durgan technology with modifications and huge improvements made by the Grays, and filled with heavily-armed Green ground troops inside, the people of Xinxes decided to travel to Tau Ceti and repay the favor.

It was around this time Alien’s grandfather, established thanks to Quamlic’s treaty as regent of all Xinxes, colonized the moon, Quam. The Grays moved onto the moons of Xinxes and gave the planet (for the most part) to the Greens. The royal family figured they would be safe on Quam, seeming as how they controlled all the spacecraft. The vast majority of Greens are frankly too stupid to fly ships. What the royal family didn’t know was that Greens had kidnapped several Gray geneticists over the years. Over several generations of Greens * Grays can live to over a thousand-years old, but Greens live to sixty at most * the geneticists (the Grays thought these guys were on vacation somewhere or retired, so nobody was reported missing) grew a branch of intelligent Greens. These Greens were smaller with less armor and larger craniums. And they could fly ships.

With a new squad of pilots General Meinstuf attacked and Alien was forced to flee. A few platoons of the Royal Elite Guard escaped too. Alien was supposed to meet them on that totally cool planet where they would gather their forces for either a counter-attack or to wait until General Meinstuf died in another ten years and then attack when the new General took over.

But Alien got sidetracked and thanks to a seagull and CCR, he’s once again stuck on Earth. At least this time he’s in Canada, where the government doesn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrials. Everyone thinks Alien is just some guy in a costume, like that Toronto Batman guy or the people who walk around dressed as Klingons all year round. The only people in Toronto that know of his existence are Dougie, Dougie’s parents, and the Abductees Anonymous group Alien ran into one night when he was drunk. But a bunch of folks from AA can’t cause him any trouble, can they?


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