What are the letters in brackets in the post & page titles?

In an effort to be family-aware we have included ratings in the title of our posts and pages. There are as follows: (G), (PG), (PG13), and (NSFK – Not Safe For Kids). This is to help our readers quickly and easily determine whether a post or page is appropriate for their kids.

Why is the comic’s story timeline so whackadoodle?

I’ve taken a non-linear approach to The Alien Comic which basically means I create each comic as the ideas come to me, instead of trying to force the ideas to stay on the timeline. Some of the comics will be origin flashbacks, or slice-of-life, current events commentaries, or present day in the lives of Alien and Dougie. I’m hoping this will keep the creative juices flowing and prevent me from getting stuck for long periods.

I want to write to you and ask you some more questions. Where can I contact you?

E-mail: alienanddougie (at) hotmail.com *replace (at) with @

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheAlienComic

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