Clear Across The Park (G)

Alien&Dougie#14Another #inktober piece. This time playing up on our tendency to get a little heavy on the issues. See, The Alien Comic can have a soft chuckle at itself while getting deep. Also, this whole #inktober thing has been a lot of fun. One more “draw what you want” Sunday left — looking forward to it!

Oh, feel free to give this one a coloring job. You can send them in to alienanddougie(at)hotmail(dot)com We’ll be sure to post them on our Facebook Page.

Free #TheAlienComic Lockscreen (G)


Now you can enjoy the antics of Alien & Dougie every time you turn on your phone, with this free cellphone lockscreen pic!

Loading it onto your phone is easy.

    1. Hold down on the above image, and tap save image
    2. Go into Albums and tap the image.
    3. Click “save as lock screen”
    4. Enjoy your new lock screen and be sure to show your friends — so you can share a laugh together. Probing jokes are funny. Well, we think they’re funny. We have this exact image as our lock screen.