Alien & Dougie Get Vinyl! (PG)


Alien & Dougie get turned into vinyl figures thanks to the matter shifter from Alien’s ship (which will play a role in the upcoming The Chase Is On series). We hope this fun little page helps keep you interested while we continue work on the major storyline coming up soon. We, myself and the two best buds in the whole galaxy, love our readers from all over the world. 36 countries and counting! Thank you all so much for sticking with our very irregular publishing schedule. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate our readers, because words can’t express enough.

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Fox Layng, Alien, and Dougie


Season’s Greetings


Season’s Greetings from the whole crew at The Alien Comic and Barking Mad Comics, including a special appearance from Voodoo Doll Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our readers, past, present, and future. We’re hoping to get back on track with a fresh new batch of comics for your enjoyment. With Trump as President there’s sure to be a ton of material to work with, lol.

Take care folks! We love ya. 8)

*Featured comics: The Perfect Marriage, Alien & Dougie, M.I.K.E. & Bean (Life with M.I.K.E.), Voodoo Dolls of the Rich and Famous.

The Dirty Suit Question (G)


Alien & Dougie are not the only ones who have wondered about that question, are they? I mean, Supes and Spidey carry around their suits all day, but I can’t remember there being an issue of the comics where they spent time on laundry. They wear their suits like long underwear. It’s got to stink, right? How did they ever keep hot girlfriends like Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson?

When Alien Met Dougie #1 (G)

Alien&Dougie#2The first time Dougie met Alien, he knew there was something different about this guy. All Alien wanted was to fit in — wear the same clothes as everyone else, talk like everyone else, and be accepted for the real “him” like everyone else.

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Crash Landing!

Alien has just crash landed on Earth and Dougie is still finishing his shift at Alien Clothing. You’ll have to excuse us while we tidy up a bit and get things organized. Coming soon is an Alien & Dougie Comics Facebook Page, a Facebook profile for comic creator, Fox Layng, and a ton of fun stuff waiting to be tractor beamed onto the website. In the meantime, why not follow Alien & Dougie on Twitter to get updates on what’s happening at The Alien Comic?

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