Alien & Dougie Go To The Movies (G)


Twitter hashtag: #Alien&DougieGTTMovies or #A&DGTTM

About: In this section of the website Alien & Dougie review movies that have i) Aliens ii)Outer Space, or iii)Aliens & Outer Space. Below you’ll find links to an ever-growing list of movies. Movies with between ! and !!!!! on the right-side of the title have already been reviewed (click on the name to read the review) and titles without a ! beside it are still pending reviews. Do you have a movie in mind that fits the above mentioned requirements but isn’t on the list below? Is it in English, or dubbed in English? Alien can speak over 300 intergalactic languages, but Dougie only took French until Grade 9 (he was asked to stop taking the course) plus two years of Latin, and he can swear in five languages. If a movie is so good life would end as we know it if they didn’t see and review it, but there are only English subtitles that could be acceptable too. Send the titles of up to five (5) movies to:

alienanddougie (at)  *replace (at) with @


! = Pass the TP for a memory wipe please.

!! = We need hypnosis to remember the good parts.

!!! = Worth a one-time abduction.

!!!! = We’d probe this one again.

!!!!! = Never vacation in the Horsehead Nebula without it!

A-E Movies

F-L Movies

M-Q Movies

R-U Movies

V-Z Movies


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