Alien Egg Hunt (PG)


Happy Easter! from The Alien Comic. We believe the comic is late due to a face-hugger getting up close and personal with the Easter Bunny — who was actually suppose to deliver this heartfelt message on Sunday. We hope you all had a great weekend, whether you celebrate egg-laying bunnies or not.

Dark Matters (PG)


To celebrate Alien & Dougie‘s first Toronto Comicon and the first panel (featuring the cast of the Dark Matter, tv show) they’ve ever watched, this page commemorates some of the fun. We spoke to the cast of the show at a signing and they were all great folks — might even be some new fans. We also met with Gerhard (Cerebus), Toronto based illustrator Marvin Law, and got a signed poster from John Beatty. Not to mention a whole bunch of other great comic folks. We’ll definitely be attending again next year.

SPECIES (1995) Rated R

SPECIES (1995)

Rated: R

IMDB: Click Here

Dougie: Taking unknown alien DNA and growing out of it sounds like a bad idea to me.

Alien: I don’t know about that. The results looked good to me.

Dougie: You like any movie with naked women in it.

Alien: Especially alien women.

Dougie: Pervert.

Alien: I didn’t see you fast forward past the naughty bits.

Dougie: The whole premise seemed kind of sexist to me.

Alien: You mean sexy.

Dougie: Sexist. An alien woman whose only mission in life is to breed with any ugly guy willing to give it up on the first date.

Alien: So, any human male, basically.

Dougie: Yeah. And apparently she can produce a ton of offspring. I’ve never met a single woman willing to give birth that many times.

Alien: What about Octomom?

Dougie: That would have been a good name for this movie.

Alien: It wasn’t all bad. There was boobies and that actor you like, the one with the broken eye.

Dougie: Forest Whitaker.

Alien: Yep, the “psychic”. I wonder if he “saw” himself having such a successful career after this movie?

Dougie: I doubt it. Speaking of careers. Can you believe they knighted Ben Kingsley after this was released?

Alien: Maybe the Queen likes boobies.

Dougie: I don’t think that’s it. She could be a fan of H.R. Giger, like me.

Alien: The artist who designed the bugs from the Alien movies?

Dougie: That’s the one.

Alien: I think H.R. Giger likes boobies too.

Dougie: One track mind. Let’s rate this boobie.

Alien: You mean, movie.


Alien: !!!!    Dougie: !!