Summer’s End (G)

Alien&Dougie#6_2Alien&Dougie#6_1To mourn the end of Summer and celebrate the beginning of the school year, Alien and Dougie give you a special Theme Park themed coloring page. You can print it out for your kids or for yourself. Color it in and scan it, then send it over to or post it on Twitter with a mention to @TheAlienComic and we’ll post it on our Facebook page

Home (2015) Rated PG


Home (2015)

Rated: PG

IMDB Click Here

Alien: These purple blobs are idiots.

Dougie: It’s a kid movie. They’re suppose to be entertaining for children.

Alien: So they sacrifice the alien character? Seriously, name one smart alien in a kids’ movie. They are always cute and stupid. Yet, somehow they can fly across galaxies.

Dougie: You’re ranting. You’re right, but you’re ranting.

Alien: It has a nice soundtrack.

Dougie: With both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez in it, it would be stupid if it didn’t.

Alien: I like the bad guy. He’s completely misunderstood.

Dougie: Of course you like the bad guy. He’s going to destroy the world if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Alien: Can you blame him? Wouldn’t you do the same if someone took your–

Dougie: You’re going to give away the end. No spoilers! As little as possible at least.

Alien: I was going to say “rock”. Does it really matter though? Kids will talk through it the first ten times. At least if I give away the end the parents will know what happened.

Dougie: Did you like the movie?

Alien: You mean, Facebook “Like”? Meh. It was okay. I’d watch it again, but that’s only because I’m a fan of that socially inept guy from The Big Bang Theory.

Dougie: Jim Parsons?

Alien: No, John Galecki.

Dougie: He’s not in this movie. I think for a kiddie movie it’s less annoying than the usual tripe put out by Hollywood for the 5-12 year old range.

Alien: There wasn’t a single dirty joke for parents either.

Dougie: Actually, that’s one of the things I appreciate about this movie. Enough with the innuendo in kids’ movies, Tinseltown! Parents don’t want that awkward moment when their kid asks them to explain why they’re laughing at a joke the kid is too young to understand.

Alien: You’d put this movie on for your kids?

Dougie: I don’t have any–

Alien: That you know of. *Evil smile*

Dougie: *Concerned eyebrow raised* But yes, I would, if I had kids. What about you?

Alien: I can’t have kids. We’ve been over this — I’m male!

Dougie: So am I.

Alien: Really? But you have such a purty mouth.

Dougie: *Shakes head* Time for ratings, Alien.

Alien: !!!        Dougie: !!!!

Matt Worthington III, Cosplay Confusion (G)

Alien&Dougie#17Abandoning his family mansion, Matt Worthington III exiled himself to Hell’s Kitchen where he worked his way up from the bottom to become the DA (District Attorney). Tired of fighting crime in the shadows while hiding his wings in expensive suits while in court, he unveils himself at a convention’s cosplay contest, much to the confusion of Alien & Dougie (the judges), who can’t decide if he’s suppose to be Daredevil or Archangel/Angel.

*The Alien Comic is considering hosting a cosplay contest in honor of Halloween — the bestest of best holidays! If enough interest is generated from you folks, then we’ll announce official rules for entry and come up with a nice set of prizes. Comment to this post or tweet on Twitter to @TheAlienComic if you’d be interested in entering. Once 12-24 people express a desire to participate then we’ll start getting this baby rolling.

Grilled Sandwich (G)

Alien&Dougie#5If it’s really about the kids, why do they always go back once the pay and benefits are decided? Don’t get me wrong, half of them deserve it. But they never stay on strike until the government agrees to decrease class sizes or increase the budget for new books and non-sport equipment. My art teachers paid for half of our supplies out of their own pockets. Good thing for the pay raise, right?

ALIEN (1979) PG-13


ALIEN (1979) IMDB Click Here

Alien: Sigourney Weaver is hot!

Dougie: We’re talking about the movie, ALIEN, Alien.

Alien: Well, she’s in it.

Dougie: *Rolls eyes behind sunglasses*

Alien: You tricked me. You’re lucky those aliens are so cool.

Dougie: How did I trick you? And yes, they are the coolest aliens ever.

Alien: I take offense to that. You told me the movie was called, ALIEN. I naturally thought it was an unauthorized biography.

Dougie: That’s ridiculous! Nobody admits you exist. It’s about a ship in space responding to a distress call from an unknown vessel. They then get infected and invaded by a hostile alien species.

Alien: I know that now. I watched the movie with you.

Dougie: But maybe they don’t know.

Alien: Who’s “they”?

Dougie: The people reading this review.

Alien: Then maybe they don’t know Sigourney Weaver is hot.

Dougie: Okay, I’ll give you that. Did you like the movie even if it wasn’t about you?

Alien: No one said it wasn’t about me. But yes, I liked it. Those spider things are cute. I almost thought it was a kids’ movie until the whole acid reflux scene.

Dougie: They’re called Face-Huggers.

Alien: Exactly. They hug a lot in kids’ movies.

Dougie: Moving on. As an artist myself, I thought the H.R. Giger inspired alien designs were the best part of the film.

Alien: Is he the human who invented the radiation counter?

Dougie: No, that’s another guy.

Alien: The guy who invented those things on my planet was called Quack.

Dougie: The Quack Meter?

Alien: Yep, at lethal levels of radiation people start to Quack up.

Dougie: Really bad joke, Alien. And it has nothing to do with this movie. Hopefully, we stay on subject when we review the sequels.

Alien: There’s sequels?

Dougie: Let’s rate it!

Alien: !!!!    Dougie: !!!!

Dougie: Wow. We actually agree on something.


#WorldSuicidePreventionDay #Everyday

Alien&Dougie#16_WSPD_PSAInspired by #WorldSuicidePreventionDay Alien & Dougie wanted to do a PSA. If you or someone you know are thinking of suicide as an option please call someone. Keep phone numbers for suicide hotlines or crisis networks close by. I have one on my fridge. I’ve used it. You’re not alone. Visit for more information on suicide and how to help.

When Alien Met Dougie #1 (G)

Alien&Dougie#2The first time Dougie met Alien, he knew there was something different about this guy. All Alien wanted was to fit in — wear the same clothes as everyone else, talk like everyone else, and be accepted for the real “him” like everyone else.

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